This week has been very overwhelming. From working the majority of the time thus far on my drawings for the critique today and not even touching my Director project for computer programming… yea tonight will be a blast, I can tell you that right now. Because of so much class work I haven’t had the chance to really sit down and work through some of the mental stuff that is going on, also haven’t had a chance to hang out with a couple people since getting back from break. Been slightly bummed about that reality, however the fact that I can see the end of this streak of work is very appealing and satisfying.

Not to much has really been going on, I’ve been forced to disappear into my room more then I would like to finish up the projects I mentioned above. They are all turning out really great though; my drawings are finally looking like art and not something that a third grader regurgitated onto some paper. Had a critique today that, although it went long (more then three and a half hours), went amazingly well. Mr. Lume (teacher) really responded to my work and I’m feeling as though my grasp of it is really improving and it shows. When I head up to art history today I’m going to stop by my work to take some shots of it on the walls. I’ll post that later tonight.

Other then that, life is going along, slowly sorting it’s self out. I wish it would move faster but I honestly can’t complain. I am gaining an understanding of myself more then I’ve had in the past and it’s really starting to show though. My faith is growing even though I try to downplay it, I find myself relying on God more often to help me through and have noticed that I am feelings a lot better over all. I jus hope that the female situation would work it’s self out, I’ve been super tempted lately and that’s not good. I’ve changed and am trying hard to stay so. I may expound upon the latter at some point in the future, only time will tell. Funny how that relies on the one thing I’m so short of right now.

Take care and God bless,

Look… Some Pictures!!!!


these are very quickly matted from how they were hung on the wall. sorry that the perspective is a little skewed on some of them (click for larger image)…