It’s been several days and wow, this week has been just amazing. Tonight was our commissioning. As I thought worshiping with 400-500 Christians so on fire for Christ is amazing. So broken and worthless in the eyes of the world, yet chosen by Christ to redeem His world. To be carried by our Father to 32 countries. It’s amazing and so humbling.

France STINTers
the Toulouse and Paris STINTers!

I’ve been taught so much about myself this week. God has been more then generous in his revelations to myself, about my weaknesses and pride. There is more but don’t have time to write it up on the computer (I actually have a pen and paper journal again, pretty exciting!).

More than likely I will write up something a bit longer in the airport or once I get home on Wednesday, maybe Thursday. So until then learn to let God love you,

(ps, enjoy the photo blogging!)