I just needed to put something new in here. I’ve been doing a lot better today. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. I also just had two cups of butterscotch pudding! it was awesome, somehow it makes me all giddy which is really funny. I don’t really understand it but that’s alright.

I’m finally really comfortable with where I am in my life. I’ve realized several things directly around me that I was ignorant to before that they were happening. Threw me for a loop but I’m back on my feet and stronger then ever (I’d like to think anyway). Also been meeting some AMAZING new people here. Will be interesting to see where that heads.

Well I must get back to my essay on rhetoric, if any of you want to write it for me I will more then gladly give you the information.

Aretha Franklin is some stylie stuff if you don’t have any, i would recommend it. (Chain of Fools, Respect, Son Of A Preacher Man, Rescue Me, Mr. Bigstuff, Oh Happy Days)

Take care and God bless!!