This has been the most amazing end of a semester to date. I’m watching lofty prayers answered harder and more firmly then I actually believed they would have been. However I’ll be the first to admit how surreal it seems, how it is as though amidst some of my doubts God is shining so stinking brightly. As though the tradition and reason are gone, and I’m left waiting and watching God work through me. I can’t help but sing (and how glorious will the days be when there is nothing left to do but sing praises to him!!!!)!

Ok, from the top and in no particular order! Watching someone step up to lead the Evangelism team, someone with such a heart to reach the lost. To see the need and desire for them to be in heaven, to have everything God has promised them. It’s the calling on all of our lives as Christians, it comes with knowing God so intimately. AH I’m amped up about that and to see how Abba moves through that plethora of outreaches next year!

Tonight I got to share my testimony with one of my fellow RA’s and it was so awesome to watch her respond to it and to be able to share spiritual and biblical truth with her. To watch her crank through it and process it, to watch it make sense to her. Jehovah you are amazing.

To watch my friend sarah (who the last entry was for) seeking God, even if I am having a hard time keeping up with her for follow up. It?s so great to know that she is resting in God’s hands after something so hard and heart wrenching that I cried when she told me what had happened. My sister how God loves you and wants you to grow and be healed. Healer comfort her.

It’s just been amazing to watch the Defender stand up and move in my through my lack of submission to him. It’s only in the strength of Adequacy that any of this is happening. How I missed You, how I have so often pushed You aside, how You’ve never forgotten me and even when I felt unable You show me You are. Mighty God do not stop shaking the walls till every brick and every ounce of mortar has felt your Hope. Thank you Lord for changing me, for living in me, and showing me more then my eyes could ever see.

May the Restorer of Our Souls bless you as you seek His face,