“Hundreds of cars were set on fire in different towns on Sunday night, and police had to use tear gas to disperse a club-wielding mob in Toulouse.” – BBC news

Again, I want to assure those reading that the rioting is still well away from our part of Toulouse (across the river, and several miles). It’s continuing to escilate. Last night I was out in the city and I’ve never seen it so empty. Meeting up with some friends and getting to talk, one French friend explained that the basic premise of this is normal. Things in France tend to be ignored until they explode, then there are way more issues at hand than what started it. The catalyst in this case is no longer the issue at all. The death of those two kids was just the last straw to an oppressed community.

So far the rioters have only gone after property and emergency workers. They have entered into the center of Paris for the last two nights. There are a lot of police around patroling the center of toulouse here, just about every other corner. Paddywagons of officers in riot gear driving around along with fire trucks. They are just out waiting for what is going to happen.

Pray for the wounds to be fully exposed, for strength in the dealing with the issues coming to the surface, and for safety for the AGAPE teams in France (there is one in Paris as well).

I will continue to post here every morning so that you know I am safe, or if we have to leave.

One thought on “Rioting getting Rougher

  1. Stay safe, Paul.

    It is amazing how this unrest has spread, mostly because it went largely unreported. When I was in Paris a few years back, the taxi cab driver went off for like 30 minutes on how worthless he thought the immigrants were.

    The talking heads have been drawning comparisons between this and the LA riots of the early 90’s. I believe that these riots in Europe are much more cancerous and dangerous because neither sides appear to want much of the other. The French would just like their immigrants to be their maids and janitors, and then go away.

    I pray all is well where you’re at, and that it doesn’t spread towards you or your work in a negative way.

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