So it?s been almost non-stop since I got back from college and hasn?t left me nearly any time to sit down and write something here. Sorry in advance for the lack of depth or provoking writing. I?m tired and want to get to my book.

I?ve had an awesome time since I?ve gotten back and have been able to spend a lot of time out with friends. I think today is the first time I haven?t had spent with friends from home. Sunday went out to lunch with the Bulies from church, and then spent the afternoon/evening with Tara. Saturday I spent working mostly around home and then in the afternoon went to cantabury with Johnson to watch the preakness. Friday I spent with Carissa Kay and the rest of the goertz?s, even got to see Katie which I haven?t in a really long time. Thursday was the first full day I had home, caught a movie with dad and then caught another movie with some of the guys that I hadn?t seen in a very long time.

It?s quite surreal being here right now. Knowing that in a week I will be falling asleep for the last time in America for over a month and a half. Realizing how much there is left to do yet how little time there truly is for it all to take place. It?s hard to realize and fathom the impact that I will have on the people I?ll meet, it?s even harder to realize what kind of an impact this trip is going to have on me.

I also have yet to tell my dad my true intention with the changing of the major, he has yet to admit to himself that I am going into ministry. I?ve talked with a couple people about it, and as much as he would wish, the words he tells me have little effect. I guess that?s what happens when you grow up with him as a distant figure and are forced to look elsewhere, it becomes increasingly hard to turn back and I?m at a point in my life where I don?t see myself looking for guidance from him with major life decisions anymore. A lot of this has to do with the progression of relational development and realizing that I was forced to take a major jump forward a couple years ago because the system that should have been in place wasn?t. Don?t get me wrong, I love my dad to death, but the point where he (both him and my mom actually, though she has always been there and is still very supportive) is a major influence on my life is past gone and I just wish he would be supportive of what I?m doing and where God is taking me.

Take care and God bless,

also, I just finished some script that runs a phpPhotoGallery so I will probably be implementing that over the next couple days as well. It?s pretty sweet for sure.