Five minutes till midnight and the beckoning of another day
Five minutes till tomorrow is no longer at bay
Five minutes till I wish it was tomorrow
Five minutes till the reality of my sorrow
Five minutes till the realization that I?m here
Five minutes till I let go of concern.

The culmination of so much has come to a point right now, midnight and the entrance of tomorrow becoming today. The workload for today is immense, probably one of the largest I?ve felt all year thus far. I have it all done (well not the bible study yet?) and made the deadline I set for myself, allowing me to get a solid night?s rest in before starting today.

Over the past five days I?ve had to complete two triptych drawings (six panels) for drawing class which meant doing four full drawings in two days, then I had to complete my Computer Science project (my game which turned out really well), and then this past weekend I took to unwind from that and write my five page essay (titled ?Somewhere Between Civilized and Barbaric: A Discussion Through the Eyes of Michel Eyquem de Montaigne?) and also compile all of the images we studied in art history thus far this semester into a study guide that I may glance over tomorrow.

To top it all off, Wednesday is the mid program review which means that there are no art classes for those of us not participating in the review. For me it means that I don?t have class until 1:25, and it?s a class I don?t normally go to. Needless to say I will sleep well that night well into the day. Hopefully I?ll have some time to sit down and write some more poetry. It?s been a while and the structure of that essay has me craving a more abstract outlet for writing (also sorry for the horrible poem at the top of this, it?s late and I?m just happy to be done).

Well I?m gonna take a midnight walk with chris, I wish you all the best today and may God?s grace find a place within your heart.