Sorry for not posting lately, life has been quite busy. But I did post, so here is at least one new one for ya kessia.

Lately life has been a bit weird for me, almost polar in some instances. I feel as though I am truly starting to move on with my life, I’m not sure what it is about my circumstances lately that have me feeling this way, compared to a few months ago, rather it’s like in my mind I am finally sorting things out. Deciding what I want to have with me in two months and what I am willing to leave behind me. The days are starting to wane away right in front of me and I almost feel pinched to figure things out. Now I understand that everything will work out but I get this apprehension about things that I know are impending in my life, at the current moment it is college.

Understanding what it’s going to be like isn’t what is bugging me, I know that I will embrace the change in environment and thrive there. It is more of my past and how much I am going to hang on to next year. Forgetting where I have been isn’t an option for me but staying truly in touch with the people and things I am involved in is where the trouble lies. For in under two months I will be pushing new roots into the ground and striving to extend those branches as far upward as I can, how much of the ‘old’ tree should I be hanging on to. There are parts that I wouldn’t let go for the world, people that I’ve been truly blessed in meeting and have ongoing experiences that are truly once in a lifetime. This should be a simple choice but it is causing me such concern.

On the contrary to the imminent college and decisions I listed above there is something that a month ago I wouldn’t have thought possible. Stacey is truly amazing, we’ve been dating for a couple weeks now and they have been some of the most rewarding weeks of recent memory. She is more then I could put into words or that I could describe to you. When we’re together I just have this sense of comfort and everything, for at least those moments, makes sense (for me anyway, I hope they do for her as well).

I went to the beach today and caught her at work. This was the first time I got to see her at work, she looked so great and it was fun sitting down and chatting for a few minutes while she was on break. Although I could have gone without the audience when I was trying to film my interview, was so hard to look into the camera while she was sitting there. Ned was also there which was quite the surprise since he was going to be up north for the weekend, apparently a bunch of flies had them come back early.

In other news, I played paintball last Sunday (wow I haven’t posted for a week, that’s bad) and it was a blast. I totally showed Katie Moss what was up getting her in the trigger finger and the side of the mask. Yes she was the only person I got after playing about 6 games. It was still a blast and would recommend it to anyone to try at least once. I will try to post more but I leave for Sonshine on Wednesday and don’t return home until Sunday morning. Will try to post something if I have a chance out there but I doubt it.

Take care and God Bless,
~paul prins