a thorn stuck my side
sitting in awkward comfort
wanting to loose it
I touched myself seeking
for a mark left
the protruding hook

fingers waiting…ready
realization strikes lost hands
misled movable extremities
cautiously extend, silent
vision goes dark,
it moves, you move
open eyes reveal solitude
mind reveals reality
with one traceless thorn
pulled in by a heart
mind screams to stop
dribble ineffective apologies
inconsolable thoughts
a heart you touched
that won’t embrace
cease grasping you 


So often over looked,
she stands shy of shadows
while light skims across the sky,
hoping to expose
what darkness hides 

in those moments
between light an dark
stands who you are
broken, beautiful and pure

within that brief time
seeming to understand
the girl possessing the smile
attention she commands
between light an dark
Gods grace shone through
in these twilight moments.


it’s interesting to see how things have changed, or rather not changed at all. While the style is different (hopefully matured?) the subject stays the same. The one dream I can’t get myself to let go of. A reality that I know exists yet can’t completely comprehend. I know you’re there and while I want to know it, I know that I can’t. My most sincere regrets are that I can’t explain this, but I understand that in time it will grow into something when the mind and heart finally understand. It seems to be a matter of time. Know that you are worth, and I will wait, all the time that there could ever be.

I placed Twilight to the right (not that it isn’t already on here somewhere) but just to show a comparison of my style after seven months and some change when writing about a similar subject. While I was actually writing about myself in twilight the purpose was the same. To get out on paper something I couldn?t express using things that can’t express them, but making them. To that ends I think thorn is more effective? If you could please let me know what you think of ‘thorn’ I would be very grateful, also kind of wondering who reads this!

Seek out the Face of Christ,