written to go along with the previous and the next entry. Please read them if you haven’t. they are basically the essence of what this poem is about (so for those of you reading this poem before I write the last piece, you get a little hint of what’s coming).

I am sorry for it being quite out there… I’ve been writing very deep poetry lately. maybe it will make more sense later

May God bless you and your heart tonight,

written on march 24, 2004

For without notice they hit, whirlwinds of change

roun’ about whirlwind
leaving no place to begin.
while the world tilts ‘n shakes.
forcing me to sit,
loosing pace,
falling back
in the race.

my life spent for this.
what I sit through ‘n miss,
when the winds of change hit,
I saw you there
floating despair
out of reach
unable to care.

forcing eyes to go closed
to the only world I know.
fading away ‘n loosing sight
what I long to hold.
while I regress,
sorting the mess
left in mind.

the battle rages onward ‘n inward
disheveled mess I appear
all the while longing to hear
voices that aren’t mine;
the moonlit sky,
my cry,
my change.

for when I open these eyes
disheveled mess appears the same
yet I sit here confused
now I’m better than you
stronger than you
further than you
different than you, me’

~paul prins 3/24/04