our only hope...

Walking up hill, looking above me, there was this cross perfectly blocking the sun. It’s amazing how with one step in either direction there is so much clarity and definition that is lost in the cross as the sun becomes overwhelming. How in my life for years I was close to knowing Christ as Savior but there was a lack of the same attributes. I don’t know if this piece counts as much as a photo as it is more art. The deep reds and burning feelings of the clouds are real, they are the encroaching truth of our life without Christ. The only opening to heaven is through him, we cannot make it without Jesus.

There is a day coming when darkness will overcome the world, when the light will come from the darkness and the entire world will be fooled into worshiping that, which is nothing more than an illusion. Nothing in this photo will change anything, no one on earth can change anything outside of what God has already ordained before we were born.

Post-processing includes levels, saturation, and curves adjustments.