(article on BBC)
What is the world coming too. I sit down tonight and sift through the daily happenings in the news and what do I find. That it is now legal in Malaysia to divorce your wife from your cell phone by sending her a text message. I am sitting here still dumbfounded, I realize that I mostly write about personal things in my blog but this just got me riled up. There was a trial in Malaysia to find out if a marriage would be annulled because the divorce was sent via a SMS text message. The court ruled that “SMS is just another form of writing” and thus the annulment was legal.

I personally would like to meet the man who isn’t willing to confront his wife in person to divorce her. The culture in that region of the world is different than here and the roll of women is underplayed compared to the rest of the world (Islam vs. western culture) however just because the culture doesn’t place a high level of value upon you (shown by the ability to annul a marriage over a phone text message) doesn’t mean that you as a person should have such a lack of respect for women and even more importantly, your wife. [end rant]

As for the movie Tomb Raider, it was really bad, mindless but bad. If you have nothing better to do then you mine as well go see it.

Take Care and God Bless,
~paul prins