So today as part of a team meeting we took personality tests and well I got mine back, and it was so bizarre. It came up the same as last time I took it, but for the first time I took a genuine look at the observations of those who study these things and I must admit that for the most part they were right on. According to the test it says I have become more introverted, which I would have been able to tell you. I’ve valued my time drawn away from people so much more since being here in France and having three room-mates. I love talking with them and they are amazing Godly men, but I still need paul time. For a long time I seemed to force myself to be different but now there is a shift.

Working on accepting who it is God has molded me to be. The general overview of the observations is that my character resembles that of a strong counselor or religious leader… this was a secular test (similar to the Myers-Brigs). Not that those nuances caused me to suddenly bring validity to the remainder of their content. Just was an interesting observation, for a couple years now I’ve had people imply (or those with more boldness, tell) me that I should do ministry full time. God has spoken the same words into the tablet of my heart. This bond-servant has been called and will not stop short with the help of the Spirit.

So why did I bring this up? I haven’t written anything of substance in a while, but more importantly it is good for my reflection. Realizing that I can be introverted and that the Lord will honor that, and even use me in mightier ways for embracing it. More then anything I want my greatest intimacy with Christ, and one thing I’ve been learning this year is that intimacy is only possible when we are first true with ourselves. That we can only know others as well as we know ourselves. You can disagree, and for you that might be true, but for me that is solid. As I am drawn closer to Jesus I am shown more of myself, as He shows me more of himself.

Interestingly enough I have omitted the results of the test, eh, mainly because they are irrelevant to the focus of this post. As for a possible vlog this weekend… who knows. There isn’t a ton on my plate, and I have some time when I’m doing laundry? You might just be that lucky to see my mug from France.

Basking amongst the righteous luminescence of Christ,