We Arrived tonight in Menomonie for a weekend and it turns out that our fridge is broken (but the light still turns on…). As of now we don’t know to what extent it is, but we walked up the stairs to our place and were just taken back by the putrid smell from the kitchen. At the time neither of us knew what was going on, it smelt like we had only forgotten to take out the trash (x 1000).

So yea, the fridge is empty and cleaned from top to bottom, but it still smells horrible. There is baking soda just sitting on plates in both the fridge and freezer, and an email has been sent to our landlord. It has been quite the first year in this apartment as we have had three bats, and the need to get the whole place rewired so that the outlets work properly. We are blessed that our landlord is so willing to help out and put priority onto our problems.

This isn’t exactly the reason we came to Menomonie this weekend, but I’m glad we did. I can’t imagine how it would have smelt given another week or two. It was terrible the way it was this time. It has had to be a few days, as everything was melted or thawed out. No ice cubes, every frozen piece of meat, veggie, or sliced potato was a goner. We guess it was probably close to $200 of food. grrrrrrrr.

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  1. Hey Paul and Jordan! Great to hear you two are ok (crazy about that bridge! I had to make a few phone calls myself!) Hope your fridge is up and running again. Sometimes vinegar takes out that horrid scent. Once the door was left open in one of our freezers at home – I think we were on vacation. Well, we had maybe half a cow in that freezer and you can only imagine the mess we came back to! Not to mention the meat lost…anyway..it’s a beautiful and early morning in Colorado and I am at work waiting a bit before I start calling people so I don’t get them out of bed! Take care and God bless!!!!!!!!!

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