Today was the great Minnesota get together, the Minnesota State Fair! Alright, not just today, but this day happened to be the one my mom and I attended. It was great. I love the fair, for the longest time I would go opening day with my mom (though I missed the fair entirely last year…) and since my whole family is out of high school now we just go whenever.

So here is a little photo re-cap of the day.

Food Eaten
Mini Donuts Closeup Puff-Daddy Sausage on a stick Salmon on a stick!
My alligator on a stick! Tastey Roasted Corn our 1919 Rootbeer
Pork Tenderloin on a stick The Bucket of Cookies! Glass of Milk
(Across from the top: Mini Donuts, Puff-Daddy, Salmon, Alligator, Corn, 1919 Rootbeer, Pork, Cookies, Milk)

We also got to see some baby pigs being born, saw a ton of people I didn’t know, ate a lot of food, saw a lot of ribbon winning crafts, went in the 4H building, left the 4H building, got a fake cockroach, a bracelet for being an organ donor, map on a stick, walked around a lot, and than fell asleep on the bus ride home!

Some more pictures:
Gedney Pickle and Me
Me with the Gedney Pickle!

Worlds Largest Boot and Me
Me with the worlds largest boot! (size 638.5 US)

Butter Head Sculptures 2
One of the Princesses getting her head carved in butter

Me and Cookie Bucket! 2
Check out that Bucket of Cookies!

Mom eating her roasted corn
Mom enjoying roasted corn (one of the best things there)

Ok, so it was all kinds of awesome. There are more photos in my set on flickr.

Keep letting God bless you!

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  1. I think the last time I was out there, I had food at this place called “Food from the grill” or something (cant remember the name of it but the grill part was in there). My food wasn’t cooked on a grill… BUT IN GREASE!!! Ugh, that really is not cool… Just not cool…

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