So two things have been going on lately. My super nostalgic trip as I’m updating my new blog software with all my old posts. It’s crazy to read where I was at back then and to see where I am now, how I’ve changed, the things I’ve left behind and those which I’ve been so fortunate to gain, and how much more intimate my relationship with Christ is now. So far I’ve moved about one-hundred some posts of about two hundred and sixty, and it’s really interesting to read. I’m starting to get it, to get that I’ve been called to ministry, and away from skiing. I’m currently at January 16th, 2004. It’ll be interesting to keep reading them as I move them over.

Alas long distance, it’s so surreal to even think about. I know that Jordan isn’t just over in Wausau, I saw her off at the airport last week, but I still don’t think it’s completely hit me yet. When it does it will be harder but there is something so weird about it. I’m not sure if she sees or feels it as well but it is there. I’m so grateful and blessed by her going to North Myrtle Beach this summer and she with me going to France. There are so many words flying around our world today that you can’t possibly hear/read them all and there is one thing, above all else, that Jordan and I promised would remain true in our relationship; that God would always come first. That our first love, would always stay our first love.

With so many words said and written it rests upon our actions to speak for each of us. For how else can you tell that someone means what they say? I trust Jordan so much, but the truth is that seeing actions back up words leaves little room for questioning anything. Like any relationship we’ve had ups and downs, words said that didn’t hold weight, but those words “Christ comes first” have never been hollow or light. It doesn’t mean that we sit down and do bible studies every time we get together (we actually haven’t prayed together or studied scripture together yet, I don’t see dating as a big enough commitment for that spiritual depth), it means that our time and our focus in life is Christ above each other, and anything else we are a part of. It’s hard, it’s super hard, but having amazing chances like going on summer project or STINT only help us to maintain that crucial aspect of our relationship. That Christ would maintain his throne in each of our lives and that we would encourage each other to that end.

Despite how excited I am by our desire to have Christ first, it is still hard. Last night was the first of about sixty phone date nights to come rather then being able to see each other. I checked out my calendar and it seems that until the following July there will be only three Friday nights when we are both in the same place. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and how she has grown this summer, to see how even with such distance God is drawing us closer together. I get to see her in about a month when she comes back for her brother Deans wedding to the crazy Julie (I very much enjoyed hanging out with her). So until then I might write about Jordan here and there, but this is just where we’re at right now and what we’re walking into. Only 60 more weeks sweetie!!!

Keep letting God bless your heart every moment,