Had a list in a journal of mine, figured I would type them up here. The list is something that I’ve been working on for some time.

-Go Skydiving
-Visit all fifty states
-Visit Mt. Everest and get my picture taken with her
-Sip wine in Italy
-Read all of Aristotle’s Books
-Read the bible from Genesis to Maps
-See the Northern Lights (CHECK, Saw them at Sonshine this past summer in Wilmar)
-Go whitewater Kayaking
-Make a music video
-Published article in National Magazine
-Photograph the National Capital
-Winter Camping
-Visit Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Holland
-Visit Café de Prins in Amsterdam
-Visit every corner of Minnesota (and any other state of residence)
-Concert in Carnegie Hall
-Get in the News Paper
-Visit Zions National Park
-Graduate College
-Visit Golden Gate Bridge
-Visit Space Needle in Seattle
-Give a motivational speech
-See ‘Westside Story’ movie
-See all of Kubrick’s films
-See all of Hitchcock’s’ films
-See show on Broadway (CHECK, seen Aida, Mama-Mia, Lion King, 42nd Street)
-See the musical RENT
-Get married

Yea, I got a little work left to do but they are all pretty fun sounding, to me at least. If you don’t have a list I would recommend writing one up. Makes it easier to figure out what you want to do, and you can always add things later. (this is entry 80 btw, getting closer to the 100 mark)

Take care and God bless,

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