It’s been a while since I arrived here and that means that the time to leave is rapidly approaching. Approaching so quickly, in face, that only 15 hours from now I will be on a play to Frankfurt and then back to the U.S.

As of right now I really don’t know what to think. Everyone here is kind of butting heads and trying to discover what this last day holds for them. I believe for each of us it is to little of what we want (seeing friends), and to much of what we don’t (administrative gabble). I can now count the number of things left to be moved out, and the number is 6 (3 lamps and 3 mattresses). The majority of the apartment has been bleach cleaned already, doors are shut, and maybe the shutters should be as well.

Soon enough I will be back, talking to my love face to face, able to gaze into her beautiful eyes, brushing her hair, and realizing how real she is. How amazing our future is, and how blessed I am to hold her. I know the sap there was rather thick, but she is free now so I’m going to talk for a minute before unplugging our modem. Then you know we’ll be gone.

God bless, and I will write once I’m home,