Sitting tranquilly next to the person I used to be. This room, my bedroom at my parents house, surrounds and encompasses me, representing a life and person I used to live and be. There are things here, which I used to hold so dear to my heart, of a life I?ve moved past. Nothing-in particular, but just the general nostalgia of this room, yea that?s what it is. It?s as though this room holds some presence of a person who is no longer in line with who I am. There are so many things here that were put in place to comfort me, to try to give me what I, now, already feel through every part of my body every moment of the day.

People have so many miss-conceptions of what evangelism is and don?t understand what it is we?ll be doing in France this summer. So often the ?E? word is greeted with hostility because of the history behind it. What we?re going to be doing in France is learning as much about them as they will be about us. Posing questions to get them to think about the world, we are so blessed to live in, differently. To challenge their ideas and beliefs with questions because they are in a culture where there is no challenge. There is no one to even suggest the idea that they may be off base. Some of them will be receptive to it and God will do great work upon their hearts that we?ll help in facilitating where needed. To make sure they understand the answers to the questions God had placed in their minds and hearts that will lead them to Him. Then, if God is willing, to be there to guide them to Him in their forming of that personal relationship.

There is another whole aspect of discipleship and training that I?ll receive. I know this is not the main reason we are over there, but in all honesty I am probably looking forward to this the most. I?ve never formally been a disciple in that learning process and am really looking forward to it. It?ll be nice to have someone who will have time set aside for me who I can bounce ideas off with and really share my heart with. That someone who?ll put me into uncomfortable situations that challenge my faith and trust in God. That I will know what discipleship will look like so this next year I will have something to emulate on campus in the discipleships I will be setting up.

May I continue to wear the cloak of humility, and remember that we are all beggars looking for substance and fulfillment. The lord has blessed me with the source of bread and I can?t wait to share that with others. That is why I?ve been called to France and is why I forwent my summer to go.

May God keep you within his embrace again tomorrow,
until toulouse ~paul