So I’m home now, I guess it is the same as every other times I’ve sat in this chair but something feels different this time. A bunch of us are meeting up on Friday night and to be honest I have mixed feelings about going. There are a few people I want to see really bad just to catch up with and go out and do something with (alas I know we will just sit at sar’s all night, and that’s fine). Mostly I am unsure of where they have taken their lives in the last three months. It’s been a very vital span of time and I’m not so sure that they are all taking the strides that I would long for them. Basically I’m worried that some of them aren’t moving on with their lives.

It’s been weird to be home and be the only guy from college online (could be that it’s still morning on Wednesday of turkey break, meh). I’m used to coming home and seeing ten or so people I can talk to online. For the first time I realized that I really miss them. I miss being able to walk around the hall or being able to go sit in the lounge and just be with them, all of them. I hope that I’m able to keep really busy over winter break or that could be a long month, though I might get out to vail if I get the go ahead on that job in the next few weeks, maybe able to get in some intro stuff so I could start up quickly in the summer (or maybe over winter break to make some money for semester two).

On another, totally irrelevant topic, I’m looking to get a digi-still cam. I used to want to save up to get a nice d-SLR but that is quite out of my budget atm and I also realized that I want something smaller that I can just grab and take with me when we go and do random stuff. Then at some point when I get a d-SLR that I can use for more professional and studio work. I would love to have one to just play around with and experiment with, I’d be much more open to ideas like that if I slide film didn’t cost so much to develop. Thinking something little that uses the same media that the d-SLR will use so that I don’t feel as guilty spending money on the memory, knowing I can use it later as well.

Been looking through my old poetry, found something short so I’ll put it here. From about seven months ago.

“If today was life,
I’d close
my eyes,
and try to
not act surprised,
when it comes
to an end.”

though I still haven’t found the poem I’m looking for, alas it is written somewhere.

Take care and God bless,