This is so surreal, France. I?m starting to work through everything placed before me for this summer, and it?s slowly becoming real to me. Real that this time next year I will be enjoying spring, budding trees, and flowers sprouting out of the black park soil in Toulouse. That these times here at Stout will feel so distant to the reality that I?ll be living in, yet at the same time those thoughts of Stout will be becoming ever real again as I am preparing to return to this podunk town.

There is this excitement about this next year that I am only containing by completely ignoring right now. Though ignoring it is becoming increasingly harder. I?ve started my MPD (crusade term: Ministry Partner Development) and have just been blessed through that so far. It?s crazy how the Lord moves in those conversations and how contagious the vision of reaching the World for Christ is. Not only that, but having those one on one times has really encouraged me as to the power of God in the lives of those around me. That when He desires to move no one can stop him from changing hearts and drawing people unto himself.

After all of that, there will be this STINT conference in Colorado from where we?ll leave to France from. It?s unreal to think about having all of the international short termers in one building, for one conference and just worshiping the Lord with them. It was super intense at kick off weekend knowing that I was surrounded by about two-hundred other people going to serve the Lord over seas or as US campus interns. To stand there as proof of Gods faithfulness, all having seen Him concur so much to get us to that point. How we?ll stand there in awe of what he?s done and the path he?s laid ahead. My mind can?t even begin to comprehend what it will be like, only that worshiping together giving the glory to God will be but a glimpse of why we?re going. A glimpse into an eternity worshiping God, and a reminder of why we?re going to every corner of the world.

Spending a year in Toulouse, it still hasn?t set in. Though I shouldn?t expect it to as nothing else I?ve written has yet. The worn, torn, and faded green former shirt sleeve still hangs from my bag, reminding me to pray for that city. Reminding me of the streets and avenues that circle and lead you deeper into the heart of the city, open air bars and caf?s, the smell of a city older then the country I grew up in, the faces of students eager to talk to Americans, the beauty in the architecture in the rose colored city, and the unending love God has for them. Ok, I need to stop or I?m going to loose focus for the next several hours into this waking daydream of this city that will be my home and those people who?ll be my friends.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

walk swiftly with the Lord and let Him bless you,