A year has come and gone. Of my years of late this one has been rather uneventful. Aside from started up Nineteen05 back in January and starting Seminary in the spring we have just been chugging along. No major trips (only a handful of weddings), and nothing overly dramatic took place.

Don’t believe that I am in anyway complaining about the nature of this past year, it was just a change from the constant movement and happenings of the years leading up to 2008.

  • 2007: Got married and graduated in 2007
  • 2006: I got engaged, visited Spain, visited Florence, and returned from France
  • 2005: I raised support, moved to France, and got to visit Rome
  • 2004: I held by last ski event and then resigned from the ski industry
  • 2003: I graduated from high school and started my time at UW – Stout
  • 2002: I understood that I was loved by God and became a Christian

I’m still working my butt off on nineteen05 to get it to that perfect place I want it to be at but it is takes a while to create anything worth creating (or at least I tell myself that). This upcoming year will hopefully have a bit more excitement to it, we know that we’ll be out in Seattle for a time for my brothers wedding! That and my wife wants to learn how to ski better, and has even alluded that she might want to learn some freestyle stuff from me.

While it was a more subdued year, it was a great year. Here is to you my few loyal blog followers and my seventh year of blogging.