We’ve made it through the first week of project work. Four days of surveying students and evangelism, a day of hanging out with new friends and meeting new people at the prairie des filtres. I was really glad to see Camille show up and she complimented me on my awesome water balloon tossing skills (Andrea and me tied for second).

In hindsight I see things that we should have done differently, and things that we’ll need to work on more as a team in the future. I also believe that we couldn’t have done much better than we did. For most of the people on the team speaking any amount of French isn’t an option, so for them to be initiating with people is just awesome and a faith step all on it’s own. Though I do believe it is easier to start talking to people here for two reasons. The majority of the French are not saved and are spiritually dead, so (as go-time says) you can’t make them anymore dead then they are, only offer them an opportunity or plant a seed for true life. The second reason is that I will most likely never meet these students again. Possibly when I come back here on project/STINT sometime/s in the next couple years. Though the chance of them remembering me a year later are fairly slim, that is if we didn’t become friends, though I would call up my French friends when I got to town.

Today was interesting, I realize that it’s about 10 AM in the Midwest right now, but my day is over for the most part. Eight of us went over to the City of Space on the skirts of Toulouse, and it was interesting? It was something fun to do for a day, though it hit me again how much faith people have in science, yet they don’t understand having faith in something like religion. I’m not completely sure why I thought of that today, it was really cool being able to walk through replicas of the space station and what not. It probably has to do with how dark this city is, at times I feel people feed off me in conversation, and it is so physically draining. That’s something I’ve never experienced back in the states.

In less dramatic news, I went to monoprix today and hooked up the snack food for my room. Bought some French cookies and I’m pretty excited to try those out later. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the American style of cookies. I will have a report later.

Au revoir,