Well day one is down, only another three years to go… haha.

For those of you who don’t know, I started my first day at Bethel Seminary today and it went well. I am still unsure what and were to set my expectations and how I want to go about integrating school, work, and ministry but the process is at least starting. It’s looking like a lot of reading so far.

Today there was a four hour course, and when I got home I had some lunch, then did my course reading for next week, all 190 pages of it. Fortunately it’s a subject that interests me so it wasn’t that bad. On the same note, since it interests me I don’t like speed reading it so the 190 pages took me several hours to get through. Eh, I’m paying for it so I should get something out of it.

On a side note, I have also started up a web company called nineteen05 whose website will hopefully be launching the end of this week. We focus on creating intuitive web-based applications for ministries/non-profits to help them streamline resources and to manage their web-presence. If you’re interested check out www.SubstanceChurch.com for the first site launched using the full software.

I’ll keep more information coming as the company develops and we have product launches and such. Otherwise life is ticking along and God is good.


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