Wow, I can?t believe in less than 10 days I?ll be flying to Denver, then to San Francisco, then to East Asia!!! The stout crew meet up and chilled over at the crib for a mini marie briefing of some of the logistical, safety, and culture side of the trip. Since I had it placed on my heart I haven?t really thought about it all that much? it?s pretty crazy to be honest with you. I?ve talked to all but one of my teachers, and everything has worked out in my favor.

It?s really surreal for me, I went to france this past summer and felt as though I had it all figured out and then my heart really went out for the East Asians. It?s so weird. I honestly can?t explain how the change felt, I still love the French but feel as though I can?t go forward with a clean conscious without going on this vision trip. I feel like the Lord is really preparing me to learn or see something and all I can do is pray that I?m ready. Seven days from now I will be on a plane to San Francisco en-route to our final destination. It seems like it isn?t even happening. I also have this weird feeling like I?m leaving some part of my life behind, and I don?t know why that is.

I?m super excited to get over there!! AHHHHHHHH, please be praying for our safety!

God Bless,