So a few weeks ago I filled out an application to be the Evangelism Team leader for Campus Crusade here at UW ? Stout and well? I got it!! I?m super excited by this and at the same time so humbled. It?s weird, I was half way expecting to just be overjoyed and bouncing around the room, but rather my face was overcome with this huge smile when Derek told me and my heart felt so humbled. I am so grateful and ready, but at the same time the task seems so large and will really require my dependence upon the Lord and the support from those around me.

I?m relieved to finally know now; I have some major plans for the team and just how it?s going to be set up. Hopefully letting us reach more people where they need to be reached at. I?m probably the most excited about getting guys/gals in cru to feel more ownership over the movement. Getting them to really grab hold of a part of it and helping to stretch and grow them in their faith. I am worried about the obstacles that I?ll be confronted with, but it is nothing that I won?t be able to overcome with the grace and strength of God.

One thing I was kind of disappointed with was when jay mentioned that I shouldn?t lead bible study next year, I was really looking forward to that but understand the reasoning. Allowing me to not be over stretched and more importantly, allowing the opening of a position that someone else can step into and take ownership of. I will still probably be disciplining some guys next year and doing that E-Team thing. I?m sure you guys will be hearing more about that in the future, as it will take up a lot of my time next year I?m sure.

Well needless to say that?s been the most exciting news of late in my life. In the final days now before I leave for Project!! I just realized how much God has been running me around lately and it?s awesome! Ain?t nothing in life like a life for the Lord!

take care and God Bless,

p.s. I?m also working on a new gallery script that I?ll probably implement before I go to France this summer, so yea, be looking for that. Will let me upload photos and manage galleries while I?m abroad if I can find an internet connection. Pretty sweet