It’s been a week since I picked Jordan up from the airport. I had it all planned out, I would fly to Chicago for a daytrip I needed to have (my passport was at the French consulate there) and could then meet here coming out of her gate in Minneapolis. Great idea except that her first flight was delayed, she missed her second, and didn’t get in until seven plus hours after she was going to. I went home, came back and picked her up at 1am.


Saturday was rather un-eventful, we slept in and then headed out for Vietnamese food at Mr.Q’s here in Eden Prairie, gave her a bit more of a tour of this metropolis I called home for so long, came home, hung out, and crashed.

Sunday we headed over to Substance Church, helped out with some video stuff, I briefly spoke about my trip to France, and then hung out for a while afterwards. We both were in need of a Chipolte fix so we hit up Hennepin Ave for some burrito goodness, and then headed down to the newly renovated Walker Art Museum. I highly recommend it, they even have a parking garage now! Headed home, took an hour nap in a hammock (see photo below), and headed out to dinner with the parents to Red Stone. It was quite tasty. Rented a movie on the way home (Big Fat Greek Wedding), watched it, and crashed.
Jordan and Me Hammock Nap 6
(thanks mom… she has this thing for sleeping photos…)

Monday was a bit slower, we slept in, went to the Staring Lake Park and flew Jordan’s new Kite! She had never done that before and after she stopped attacking me with it, good times were had by us both. Her project girls got it for her, lots of fun. Came back home, bored like crazy, waited around until some good home cooked eats and then took off for uptown. Rachel took me to this fun little French resturant a week or so ago in uptown (Carabettes or something like that) and so we went back for some dessert. Espresso Chocolate Fondue and it was really good, though I didn’t care much for the bananas so Jordan ate all of them. Came home, watched the movie Hitch and then crashed.

Tuesday I took Jordan out for her first ever golf lesson, she was surprisingly good. Still working on the basics but when she connected it was sweet. Seven iron around 95-100 yards, pitching wedge around 30-40 yards. If she keeps at it she’ll be pretty good someday. She would tell you otherwise. We came home, I took my mom to pick up the Jeep and then we took off for Menomonie. Had much to eat at Jeff and Jims with Eric Glidden, then headed over to Wausau and met up with Jordan’s folks and crashed.

Wednesday was a lot of fun, went up to the Eau Claire Dells to hang out for the afternoon and we both really enjoyed it. We took a ton of pictures and just enjoyed the beautiful day God gave us up there. Walked around for a couple hours snapping shots and enjoying each others company. Went back to Wausau, grabbed some root beer floats, and headed to her parents house before heading out for a concert in ‘downtown’ Wausau. Was a fun day that ended in sharing some coffee with her family, than crashed.
Eau Claire Dells Bridge


Thursday was a gross day, it rained almost all day. We woke up and just tooled around, went out to lunch at el Mezcal (new Mexican place in Wausau), hung out at barns and noble for a while (I got a new journal for France!), went up and checked out a photography exhibit at the local art museum, and then came home for a good meal, some time with her family (as it was the brother-in-laws birthday), and then crashed.

Friday morning we hung out for a bit, saying good byes and then I took off for Menomonie and home. Grabbed something to drink with Aaron and Heidi there and then headed home. Made some phone calls tonight for support raising, and now am sitting here writing this while eating cookies, so enjoy! And thanks for a great week sweetie! I’m looking forward to the next week we get to spend together once I’m back!

Keep letting God bless you,

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