Why do we want to be civilized? What benefits does it really give us. Is it just some larger portion of a once grand plan for the human race. If so it has gone drasticly off course. Grant me a moment.

civ·i·lize: to cause to develop out of a primitive state; especially :to bring to a technically advanced and rationally ordered stage of cultural development

This grand idea that was born at the beginning of the uprising of man is what we once needed, to remove ourselves from the barbaric and nomadic and primitive state of conscious and living to one that would benefit the species. That state of mind and culture that would allow us to form cities, friendships, relationships, technology and rational, then at what point do we need to move on to the next step. When have we truly learned enough and become civilized. For the past five thousand years people have been farming, built cities and we have inhabited every corner of the earth. Has no one asked what is to come next for our culture? for our race? of our future?

It seems to me like we are long overdue for the next phase and step of humanity. I’m not one to decide what it should be called. I know people have asked what more is out there for us, but the focus of our culture is loosing sight. The vision of the populace needs to change from the current state of acceptance to one of intuitive understanding. A understanding that comes from acquiring knowledge by the teaching of why rather then how. Gaining a group of people who can truly grasp life and to show people the benefits of self-understanding and having a population who understand the function of the group and truly care for one another like themselves. That rather then trying to understand everything scientifically we can use our minds to grasp concepts about introverted issues that can become extroverted and truly elevate our state of mind and lifestyle.

There are problems evident at this point. The majority of people would not be able to realize all that would be needed of them. To be able to open up their mind to radical (in some cases) ideas to help them come to discoveries about themselves is not something that we openly accept as a race and as people. To become and elevated culture would be the next step, where understanding yourself and your interactions with the world around you, how that world works for you and with you and, how you work for the world and the people around you.