v900mdrThere are thousands out there, so which ones have my ears (and some my eyes)? More importantly this will serve as a reminder to me if my G4 tower, holding all my subscriptions, crashes.

My top three podcasts are:

  1. Internet Business Mastery
  2. Ted Talks
  3. Armada Skis

The full list of podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, alphabetically.

  • Armada Skis – (http://www.armadaskis.com/community/vcast.php) – 1-7 minutes
    My friend Eric Iberg started this company a few years back with a bunch of friends. Love to keep up with them, this is an easy way to do that. Plus it’s free and has killer skiing.
  • Ask A Ninja – (http://askaninja.com/) – 1-5 minutes
    Doesn’t update nearly as often as he used to (I think he has a channel at rever now) but always makes me smile.
  • Freeskier Magazine Podcast – (http://freeskier.tv/) – 1-5 minutes
    Some decent segments to feed the skier in me.
  • Geeks and God – (http://geeksandgod.com/) – 60+ minutes
    Mildly interesting and WAY to long for the content they provide. Never the less, they are kind of the only podcast relevant to my  industry.
  • Internet Business Mastery – (http://www.internet-based-business-mastery.com/) – 40-55 minutes
    I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. Its the only one on my list I eagerly away each week. Most of the insights are quite brilliant and the application is almost always apparent, if not explicit. If you run a business that is heavily reliant upon the web, this one is a must.
  • MacBreak – (http://www.pixelcorps.tv/macbreak) – 1-7 minutes
    A video podcast dedicated to everything mac. Gotta love it.
  • pouringdown – (http://pouringdown.tv/) – 2-5 minutes
    Just a beautiful and inspiring set of video from Daniel Liss, a resident of NYC. Not updated super frequently, but is always a joy when it is.
  • Strong Bad Email – (http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/) – 2-5 minutes
    Because if you’ve never heard of homestarrunner.com you have really missed out. really, a lot.
  • Substance Church Sermons – (http://substancechurch.com/podcast/) – 40-55 minutes
    I’m a titch bit bias on this one. Not only is this our church (and I helped with the launch team 4+ years ago), they are also the church most helping me develop nineteen05. Wrote the software that manages this podcast myself!
  • TED Talks (video) – (http://www.ted.com/) – 15-25 minutes
    The Technology, Education, and Design conference puts a ridiculous amount of there inspiring talks online. Love it. Since i will likely never be able to afford the very expensive ticket price (thousands per person) this becomes the next best thing. Listened to almost all of them, except for some of the musical ones, and the real out there ones. Inspiring, must check it out.
  • Wall Street Journal on Small Business – (http://online.wsj.com/public/page/podcast.htmlrss Feed) – 7-8 minutes
    Short and sweet, right to the point full of news relevant to my needs as a small business owner. Helps me keep on top of what other service type businesses are doing (the focus of much of their reporting).

I realize that it looks like a lot, and that all I must ever do is listen to podcasts but most of these update quite infrequently (less than weekly).

My hope is that you might have found something in here worth checking out. If you have any you listen to on a regular basis you think I might enjoy let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Checking my Podcast Playlist

  1. If you’re ever interested in adding another one to your playlist, I engineer a weekly podcast called Flak Radio (www.flakradio.com). It’s usually an hour long, but if you listen on the website you can choose select segments. We usually always have a guest on the show who does something cool in Minneapolis and the other segments are pretty random.

    We’re doing a live recording this Sunday at the Mid-town Global Market at 4:30.

    Yay for podcasts!


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