School is getting closer and closer to becoming the reality that my prayers have been in labor for. In a week I?ll be leading the evangelism team at the most important warrior weekend of the year (first semester). I?m slightly nervous but I find solace in those feelings because I understand that if I were to feel prepared or 100% ready that my shield would be left down and it would leave me open to Satans attacks. Not to mention I wrote up a revised plan for the upcoming years that is only twenty-seven pages long? I can tell you are all jealous. This is when I am increasingly glad that we are a catalytic campus (a Campus Crusade movement with no Staff, it?s completely student led) as we can avoid a bunch of the junk that other campuses have to deal with. The more I?ve been reading into evangelism the more obvious that, while crusade is a great thing, it?s on the wrong side of evangelism. They are doing it the way of the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages, which was far less effective (basically the difference between, conform to the church, or let the church meet you and be with you). I?ll write more on evangelism later.

I?m pretty much just in a holding pattern until next Wednesday. Everything that I?ve needed to get done before I headed back to school is done. Only have a couple events to attend yet (wedding tonight, cabin tomorrow, and then coffee on Monday) and those aren?t things that I can do until they happen. The rest of my summer is going to be spent reading and doing whatever else comes up. A lot of people have gone back to school already, so it?s a little rough but I should make it. I did last year.

Needless to say I?m pretty excited for tonight, get to see a good friend of mine get married to an Eden Prairie cru gal from stout. Plus I get to see a bunch of guys from school that I?ve been away from all summer. I?m very much looking forward to getting to Stout and putting to practice everything that I?ve learned and been shown this summer. Hopefully this school year is unlike anything anyone can remember. I?m getting more and more excited. I know Christ is with me in every step of this. I mean how else can you explain fasting for seventy hours and not being hungry or thirsty. Pretty darn sweet if you ask me, and so comforting to realize that my prayers for this campus have already been answered. That my work is only to reveal the work that He?s already done in the hearts and lives of those who are going to accept Christ. Such an amazing feeling.

I?ll try to write again tomorrow but probably won?t get around to it until Sunday. Take care and please let God bless you.