Today at half past noon in St. Cloud, Minnesota my high school friend, Carissa Goertz became Carissa Kay Allen. It was so surreal and great at the same time. I had never met her husband, Jeff, until today and so was a bit concerned. After hearing his family and friends talk of him there is no doubt in my mind. He’s a solid man of God that Carissa deserves and needs in her life. It was as if she was in a dream and the reality that she would wake up next to Jeff hadn’t completely set in. SO exciting for her and him! May your love and zeal for Christ spill over unto one another until you are with Him.

It got me thinking a lot, Carissa and I graduated together back in 2003 and she was now married. Thinking about the roll she played in my life, in prayer and not giving up on me despite myself. I owe a lot of being able to share my testimony with others, of giving my life to labor for Christ, knowing Him more intimately, and of being able to see tomorrow. She doesn’t even know yet (I’m working on a letter I’ll mail her from france) the roll she played in me showing up to youth group on May 20th, 2002 instead of showing up at the bottom of the Minnesota River. The holy spirits has fallen upon her and she is a sister of mine that I will always be near to my heart. I pray that I may touch lives as she touched and saved mine, as God used her may He use me.

That night, my 18th birthday, was the start of my eternity with Christ, the ending of my hell, and the moment that the Holy Spirit fell onto me. The night I was given more then I ever deserved. More then I will ever know.

Congratulations Carissa and Jeffery Allen!


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  1. hey. i was just searching for my friend carissa goertz, and she came up on your blog page. when i saw carissa kay, i thought, whoa… it could be her! I’m a friend of hers from church camp from forever ago. she’ll know me as Becky. I live in St. Cloud too, and i actually work at a church in Sauk Rapids as the worship leader. but yeah, let me know if any of this makes sense. and if you could say hi to carissa and tell her i love her, that would be awesome! i’m on myspace and facebook if that helps at all too. 🙂 sorry this was sort of weird/crazy/random. 🙂 God bless!!

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