Just got two phone calls from Bethel Seminary and I’ve been accepted!!

Now it is just a matter of figuring out the job situation for Jordan and I to learn if I’ll be starting January 7th, or not until March. As of now my guess is that I won’t be starting until march to give me some time to work, and decompress from the last 4.5 years of school before diving into another 3 for my masters.

This is really a great feeling. I’m continually getting more and more excited to start my courses at seminary and it’s so awesome to see God putting pieces in place for Jordan and I with the vision He has given us for church planting in France. Will post more as I learn about it.

One thought on “Bethel Seminary, I’m In!

  1. i guess this goes to show im not good at keeping up with my #1 fan. so you are going to seminary and want to go back to france? thats awesome!! thanks for commentig on my blog. i hope married life is treating you well. did you ever get a new vcr? whats your address these days??

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