so i’ve been pretty busy lately wrapping up school and getting ready for France this summer. Life is just flying by and I need to make sure that I am taking the time to stop and enjoy it. this is the closest I’ve been to feeling stressed out lately. Just a couple projects all comming together here at the end of the semester. I wish I could say I was still giving 100% in my art classes but now that I know i’m changing majors… yea can’t say that I am. I am still pushing myself and trying to make very confident marks on the paper, but the drive I had to truly excell is dwindling with these art classes.

On the other hand, I’m super excited for switching to service managment, my new major. I haven’t offically switched yet but Jay talked to the advisor about me and he is looking forward to meeting me. It’s crazy to think about how God placed me here and how my life has changed because of that. To try to fathom how different my life would have been if EPHS hadn’t mailed my application into USC late and i would have gone out there. Whenever I think of it to that point I always just become humbled and realize that i know nothing of the plan that He has for me and I’m only shown what i need to know when I need to know it.

For the moment I’m getting super pumped up for the E-team and getting that off and running so that we hit the ground this fall at full speed. It’s going to be a lot different but I’m receiving a lot of support from the people on servent team for what it will look like and what it will do for the campus and the movement.

On a side note, also had a last lunch with scott and doug today. It was nice since I don’t get to see much of scott anymore. It’ll be nice living next to them next year, I just hope that our other neighbor isn’t really bad… I guess it was kind of nice to have a corner room in that sense, only one neighbor to worry about. I will post more once I get some sleep and finish up these drawings… blah.

see through ~ paul