It’s been a bit since I have written. I spent the last week out at the University of Wisconsin – Stout working with the crusade movement there. That place is home, the body of believes is so dynamic and it’s the place where my faith was truly realized thanks to several people who have really stretched and pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever be. Past what I thought God wanted to use me for (at the time it was what I thought I could do for Christ). To be able to go just to meet people, be bold, and share the gospel and invite others into that body. SO amazing. It’s also been super encouraging to see more ministries pop up on campus. Not only will they help sharpen one another, but also will put even more prayer into the campus. I’m looking forward to returning and being able to labor beside so many slaves of Christ!

I took some pictures out there but upon returning home discovered that our internet has been down for the past three days and most likely won’t be up until Tuesday at the earliest. Right now I’m chilling at Dunn Brothers off of County Road 4 in Eden Prairie with Jordan (who is making me the most excellent lasagna dinner tonight!). So if you don’t see me online for the next little while that is why, I’m at home with no internet. It’s amazing how often I use it. For example, to check the weather to see if I could stain the deck, to figure out if I should wear shorts or pants today (shorts was a good guess, it’s mid 80’s today).

There is email to check and write, so I will write more later. Continue to pray and beseech Christ. God bless,