It’s so nice to be back to school today. Again I seemed to have jumped the gun and gotten here much sooner then a good share of the other guys and gals on the floor but it was just nice to see my room again and to sit in my chair and feel back where I was. Spring break was nice, although a week early in my opinion, and being able to relax and sleep in was a very appreciated alternative to my school routine.

I honestly didn’t do to much last week. I’m starting to realize that when I’m not at school I really don’t feel like working much at all. Some part of me thought that I might have worked on my drawings but I didn’t, didn’t work on my CS project either. The only school work that I did was reading the book that we are going to discuss for our Honors Colloquial the end of April- Very urgent I tell you- Eh it was an alright book and I wasn’t doing anything else that day.

My mind has been running at mock five since about midweek and I’m trying to put the breaks on at the moment. Not really breaks I guess, more just sorting out the sources and calming down my mind so I’ll be able to focus on schoolwork and the main task at hand, finishing my drawings by Wednesday night so I can hang them in Applied Arts for our Thursday critique. Then the CS project is due on Friday and I still have several hours of work to do there. It’s pretty sweet, I might post it here when I get it completed.

Being in a classic guy phase last week as well I spent a large portion of time looking at toys. Revisited digital cameras, which I’ve been watching for over nine months. Ordered one and it should be showing up this week here at school! needless to say I’m very excited about that. I’ll be taking a ton more pictures now once it shows up so be ready for that, Here’s to hoping we have exciting weather this spring so I can test the baby out.

Take care and God bless your soul,