Sunday November 16th, 2003 at 2:06 AM

Today was amazing, to think that I had been regretting my agreement to GLX (a new ski shop near buck hill) to be the emcee for their store opening event this weekend. I had waiting quite the long time before even seeing if I could get a ride to the city from school. I asked ned on Thursday if he was going back or not and he said he was, so I was going to the rail jam at GLX and to the premier party the later on that night.

Woke up and then lori came over, I hadn’t seen her since I went to La Crosse in May after school one day. We hung out for an hour or so and then took off for the rail jam at GLX. It was a miserable day as far as the weather was concerned, over cast, misting, and wind with some bite to it. However it was the first time that all of the guys/gals have gotten together since last winter. When we got around to the skier exhibition and I took the mic. This is the first time I’ve emceed since my priorities have changed around. I was pretty concerned that it would show through and people would heed my mixed feelings about this upcoming season. After a few minutes I got back into my old mind set and was loving every minute of it. I didn’t think that I did a very good job but everyone enjoyed it, it was sweet. It’s still weird for me to have people build me up, I just hate the idea of being put on a pedestal of any kind. Even if I might deserve it.

I met up with a bunch of people, met OC from Highline Sports Group and talked to him for quite some time. I guess I left some impression on him. Lori and me went back to my house for an hour or so to grab a bite to eat and waited for chris jones to show up. Grubed down and then voyaged downtown and went to the Quest for the poorboyz productions movie tour. We did the marketing for the tour here in the Midwest and apparently that was the only marketing for the region. Was talking to Jordan Bradford before the event (he now works for pbp) and he told me that it was me who inspired him to follow his heart. I can not put into words how thrilled for him I was and how fulfilled I felt, that one of the largest commitments of my life has moved someone so profoundly to follow his heart! Jordan you are now on my list of favorite people, even if your gangly.

After the show I got some swag from Jordan and then was talking to OC and hinted I was interested in seeing what highline did closer and he jumped on me. Telling me that someone with my experience would be invaluable to them and that he would call me and see if I could get in on some projects, only if I was willing to live in vail… That to me is a very hard choice to make. I was honestly floored and being my stupid self brought up my pre-conceived thoughts about an internship… after he just offered me an actual job. Although I still am feeling like I want to go to Brazil next summer. So if anyone out there cares to pray for me about this that would be killer.

When lori was grabbing her stuff from my room and getting ready to take off it really hit both of us. We knew it wouldn’t have worked out, but we never really tried. I wished I could have come up with something eloquent to say to her that would have made her understand exactly how I felt and feel for her. Although I don’t know if any words truly needed to be spoken. I won’t see her again before she moves out to New Hampshire for her internship in December. I can tell she has very mixed feelings about going but she’ll do amazing things there if she only lets herself. I have no idea if you read this lori but don’t forget about me when you are Mrs. BigStuff. I might have to put an event on out there in the future. When I’ve needed support and someone to fall back on you’ve always been there for me and not only been there but been amazing. I will never forget you lori and I will always be there for you.

Over all it’s been a good day but I am already starting to realize I won’t see Hero (aka lori) for a very long time. You better call me.

I just wanted to share the joys and sorrow of my day. I hope everyone else had a great Saturday.

Take Care and God bless,