I just got back from spending the day with Carissa Goertz and had a great time. Aside from the fact that I was pretty tired from saying up to late again last night ‘talking’ to someone online. We went over to the Arboretum and walked around for about two hours looking at everything there and just talking about whatever came to mind. Which wasn’t a lot but was fun. After that we didn’t know what we wanted to do, I’m so bad at telling when girls are hungry, I wasn’t sure if she was or not and she told me she wasn’t with more confidence than I usually get from someone so I decided to just go up to the walker and show her some modern art. Turns out she never had seen any in person before so I felt good about that choice then.

After I dropped her off I got thinking back to prom, I wanted so bad to go with her but every time I hinted at it or asked who she was going with she would say, “I think matt but I duno. We haven’t talked about it.” I remember the heart sinking feeling at lunch the last day tickets were for sale and she was looking for a date, but I had already asked Britney to go (who had to be one of the most fun dates a guy could have to prom). I guess I should have hung onto the hope of being able to go with her. She’s kind of been a steady crush of mine since 10th grade, wow that seems like a long time now. I really hope she never reads back on this because it could make things awkward between us and I don’t want that.

In other news (referring to the talk fore stated), I’ve had two lengthy talks with her now and it turns out that the girl I fell for was only part of who she was. She was trying to be what I wanted her to be not who she was. So in really short I am now over her because the girl I knew wasn’t even who Stacey is. I could go into more detail but you honestly don’t need to know. I have a poem I wrote that I’ll post later as well (little different then what I normally write).

Take care and God bless,