It’s now been a month since we got married. Kind of a crazy month shifting from wedding planning, honey moon, moving in, and back into college life. There has been a lot of transition going on in my life, and most of it is intangible.

I’m so grateful that I am a Christian in a Christian marriage. It gives me such encouragement to know that everything is in God’s hands, that he has put us together to encourage and challenge one another as well as to bring Him glory. I’m not one to even pretend to understand how this is working.

What I do know is that in the times when I am truly resting an trusting Him with the details my patience and understanding are so much greater with Jordan. It allows me to look at the situations that we find ourselves in and be able to smile and enjoy the moments.

I’m in the process of modifying into blog form and it will become a place for us to post about our ministry involvement and lives. Should be cool to see happen and evolve. I hope to keep more up to date on how that change is taking place.